Southern Breeze Studio Tour #5 with Sarah Campbell

Hi all! Welcome to our next installment of the Southern Breeze Illustrators' Video Tours. Today, we are getting a peek inside (and outside!) the working studio of the wonderful award winning author/illustrator Sarah Campbell.

Here's her website for more information about Sarah and her books . . . AND she has some great news about another book on the horizon.


Sarah's Studio from richard campbell on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks, Vicky and e. We had a great time making it. Richard and I are just a little obsessed with video right now.

  2. Loved it! The tablet monitor looks truly awesome. Great credits, too. :)

  3. @ Susan, thanks. That's Richard playing.

  4. Great video! I didn't realize you were a husband/wife team - I love it! Thanks for the tour :)

  5. Wonderful! Your books are fantastic and it's great to get a behind the scenes tour of how they come together.

  6. @ Shanda. Richard is my secret weapon. He is much happier at home with the kids while I'm out attending workshops. He does my website, graphic design, video, app development, just about anything that veers towards the technical.


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