Southern Breeze Studio Tour #3: Kristen Applebee

Hi all!! Welcome to our third Southern Breeze studio tour featuring the lovely and talented Kristen Applebee (AKA one of the winners of the recent Southern Breeze Illustrator Contest!!)



  1. Looks GREAT - thanks so much for sharing Kristen! :) e

  2. I loved seeing your kiddos jumping outside :) I also am jealous of your craft supply closet! Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

  3. I think we all tend to view others as having secluded areas in which to work, away from distraction. So I loved seeing your studio, in the midst of LIFE! Our art is part of that living, breathing, messy, beautiful life! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your studio. Soo organized. : ) I enjoyed that you can see your kids playing while working.

  5. I've always loved your work, Kristen, and it's fun to see why it's so vibrant! Thanks for sharing. How great to see the kids playing through the window, and then to take a look at your piece that placed in this year's contest. You obviously don't ignore inspiration at your fingertips.

    (If anyone's interested, I have a little give-away going on this week at my new art blog for a mini Ott flip light: http://artsyletters.com/?p=267 )


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