Strut Your Stuff!
We need your illustrations!


     The Southern Breeze News (SBN) seeks both cover and interior illustrations. One illustrator will be selected for the cover art and several illustrators will be selected for the interior art for a single issue of the newsletter. This is an excellent chance to get your work seen by a large audience.

   • Submissions should represent the artist’s best original* work directed at children’s and young adult literature. They may be custom pieces or portfolio pieces.
   • A single cover illustration and/or multiple (3-5) interior illustrations should be submitted.
   • All work should be submitted as a digital image file at 72 DPI such as JPEG or TIFF. All Cover submissions should be full color. Interior art can be either greyscale or color.
   • Cover image size should fit within a 9”x12” proportional area at 100% size at minimum. We prefer larger pieces as we may need space within the art to add our masthead logo. (see cover on other side)
   • Spot illustrations can be any shape or size beyond the minimum of a 3” x 2” area.
   • All images should be converted to RGB.
* Due to the legal nature of contractual agreements, we can not accept illustrations of licensed properties, illustrations that have been published previously, or illustrations whose copyright is owned or shared by another company or publisher.

   • SBN reserves the right to crop, reduce, enlarge or otherwise manipulate the work to fit the design requirements of the publication.
   • SBN requires one-time-rights for illustrations and articles published.
   • Emailed submissions will not be returned.

   • Selected illustrations will run in one issue of the SBN.
   • The illustrator who’s work is selected for the cover art will be interviewed for an article in the SBN.
   • Both cover and spot illustrators will have their web site and contact information listed in the issue.
   • A poster will be made of the cover work for display at events.
   • Bragging rights and a portfolio piece!

Submitting Your Work
   • Email your submissions to Prescott Hill, Art Director,
   • Subject line: “Southern Breeze News Illustration Submission”
   • Include the title of the piece (if it has one), your name, phone number, website (or other contact information you want published) and email address in your message.

Summer Issue: Midnight – April 1st EST
Winter Issue: Midnight – October 26th EST

Cover art for the displayed newsletter is © Kathleen Bradshaw.

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