Illustration Contest Winners!

Our winners were announced at the recent 2012 wik (writing and illustrating for kids) conferences in Birmingham, Alabama. This year's theme was "PJ tried and tried..." and the judge was Executive Art Director Deborah Kaplan of Penguin Young Readers. Congratulations to the winners!!

"PJ tried and tried to make friends with the horses."

The judge said, "This illustration is beautifully distinctive and tells a story without having read the words. The playful use of mixed pattern and color and of positive and negative visual space make it wonderfully appealing."

"PJ tried and tried but could never seem to fit in."

The judge said, "Nicely rendered with a whimsical lively style. The animals are expressive and humorous."

HONORABLE MENTION - Kristen Applebee
"PJ tried and tried but couldn't think of anything fun to do. Summer Stinks!"

The judge said, "This illustrator accomplished a lot without words! A great way to handle a complicated scene with good use of foreground/background and a lot of expressive children and pets!"

HONORABLE MENTION - Laurie Sikorowski
"PJ tried and tried to be perfect, then stopped and became perfectly herself instead."

The judge said, "I loved the text here! And what that can bring to the imagination. The illustration is an interesting combination of paint and collage."



After overwhelming positive response to our first Sketch-Book Event at Oakland Cemetery, we have decided to continue with the mayhem!  We can’t wait to let you in on the eclectic list of sites and featured books we’ve got planned to help ignite your imagination.  Relax!  We don’t want you to have to choose between us, trick-or-treating, turkey and Santa, so we’ve decided to dodge hectic holiday plans and schedule the next event in early 2013.  We’ll begin posting details on the next event soon, so keep checking back!  We look forward to seeing you again at the next Sketch-Book Event. . . now go bake something. . . it’s fall, for cryin’ out loud!


Robyn's Printmaking Demo (and notecards give-away)

Hi, Artsy Breezers!

Elizabeth said it was all right to share a little printmaking demo on my new art blog today.  A teacher had asked me for permission to post a few pictures in a Powerpoint about relief prints for her fourth graders.  I figured it was time I did a little how-to as well.

Here's the link - http://artsyletters.com/?p=113

Hope everyone is having a creative start to fall - Robyn


Studio Tour Video Tour #2 - Sarah Frances Hardy

Hi all! First off, I hope everyone had a blast at the Sketch Crawl on Saturday. I can't wait to hear about it, and maybe see some pictures . . . anyone? anyone?

Ahh . . . here they are. Scroll down to the post underneath this one!

Next, I'd like to welcome all of you to my workspace through this short video tour of my studio. It's a bit lived-in and cluttered, but it's mine.


To see our first video of the fabulously organized Elizabeth Dulemba's workspace, click here. Stay tuned--we're making these tours a regular feature on our Southern Breeze Illustrator's Corner!

Sarah Frances