Studio Video Tour #1 - Elizabeth O. Dulemba

Welcome to the very first Southern Breeze Studio Video Tour. A peek into MY office - Elizabeth O. Dulemba (Southern Breeze Illustrator Coordinator). We hope to do these regularly to give you an idea of how some of our Illustrator members work. Mine is the guinea pig tour. So have a look and leave some feedback in the comments. Please let us know - is it too long, too short, what else would you have liked to see?

Next month's tour will be in children's book author/illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy's studio (Southern Breeze Assistant Illustrator Coordinator West). So subscribe to the blog to be alerted!

Thanks for the comments guys! I've added a photo of me to the post so you have an idea who's talking. And I'm hearing SHORTER!!! Good to know. ;-)


  1. How fun! Great idea. I love peeking into spaces where other creative folks work. (And I love the little family stories/histories behind some of your treasures.)

    Feedback? Well, maybe that the participating illustrator turns the camera around just for a wee moment so everyone can see his/her smiling face. :0) And re. length - hmmm. Love getting to spend time in someone else's studio, though I wonder if a a "quick tour" option would be too much trouble to add? Maybe a 3-minute version in addition to the 8-10 minute version here, in case some visiting soul is pressed for time? Just a thought. Brava for going first, e, and for coordinating all of this. Thanks for sharing your studio!

  2. Love the video so much! Wonderful to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse. I'm with Robyn on the "let's see her face" suggestion as well as wanting a shorter option. I love how your studio is very much YOU! Looking forward to Sarah Frances's. :)

  3. Hi e!

    This was wonderful! I agree with Robin, though. It would have been great if you'd turned the camera on yourself for just a bit so we could see your smiling face. Loved the tour! So fascinating!

  4. Yes, yes to that photo of your beautiful visage, e - I'd keep doing that for each person (even if they do also whip around the camera for a quick howdy). :0)

  5. Fun! Thanks for sharing your lovely, creative space. Although, now I feel like a complete slob.

  6. I loved getting this glimpse into your world, e! It makes me reflect on mine and consider why I have made the choices I have (or mostly why I have not put much conscious thought or effort into it. Thanks for stimulating my thoughts!

  7. Love it! Even more envious of your abilities now! Perhaps request a 5 minutes or less video from participants might work. That's long enough to entice us but not be so lengthy. Absolutely include a photo so we can recognize each other at conferences, Shmoozes, etc. Like Heather, I'm reevaluating and wondering about my work area now! Good job, e!

  8. What fun to peek into your "inner sanctum" ... sweet sentimental glimpses of your personal history and getting to see the things that spark your creative process! Especially appreciate your willingness to share your "also rans". Love the color scheme and that it's part of your inspiration!
    This is such a great idea ... looking forward to the next one!
    Kit Newlin

  9. I don't mind the length, but I can see how it could deter someone from watching it if it's too long. It does really make me consider my own workspace, like Heather mentioned, and why it is the way I've made it. I loved seeing your world and can't wait for the next one!


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