Jeremy Evans 01

Artwork © Jeremy Evans


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    Hi Jeremy,
    Great piece! I love the trees fading out in the distance and you really nailed the texture and colors of the rocks. My only issues are with the figure. I wonder about the age of the boy. He looks a little long from about chest up compared to the length of his legs. His pose seems a bit static. And the blues seem a bit too saturated for the low light he's in. Perhaps playing with the shadows from the cave vs. the strong light source in the background on the figure might make him pop a bit more. Besides this, I feel this is a very successful piece design-wise and would make a good book cover or magazine piece. Congrats!
    Elizabeth O. Dulemba

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Elizabeth! I totally agree with you on a lot of what you mentioned. I do think I need to adjust the proportions and posture of the figure. And I think I'll tone down the blues, too.
    Jeremy D. Evans

  3. I really like this piece too (and enjoyed seeing more of your work this weekend!). I think you have great expression and body language in your character, as well as a great composition. My only comment is about the light source--I am not real clear on where it is. There is strong light on the front of the kid's jeans, yet the cave is dark; the back of his hair is lit, but matching lighting isn't reflected on his back or bag anywhere else. Furthermore, I think by having a strong light source, it would add to the drama of the scene. A shadow at the boy's feet/entrance to the cave would really drive home how scary the place he is entering is. I am being picky, but I really admire your work, just my suggestions and an issue I am currently working on too!
    Renee Rivas


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