2011 Illustration Contest Winners

Congratulations to Sharon Graham, winner of the 2011 SCBWI Southern Breeze Illustration Contest! Illustrators were challenged to create from the prompt "PJ tugged open…"
Sharon's interpretation was "PJ tugged open the giant oyster and out popped the magic pearl."
Created with gouache, tempera, crayon and ink

Second place went to Sandee Chamberlain
Sandee's piece is pencil drawing completed with digital color.

Third place was awarded to Kathleen Bradshaw
Kathleen's pencil drawing of "PJ tugged open the musty, old theater curtain" was completed digitally.

Honorable Mentions went to Shanda McCloskey
"PJ tugged open the buttons of his shirt, because third grade needed a hero."
Shanda used acrylic gouache and colored pencil.

and Michelle Hyde
Michelle created "PJ tugged open the dresser, desperately searching for her paci."
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and a big thanks to Kerry Martin, Senior Designer at Clarion Books for serving as our judge.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS everybody!!! I wish there were more slots to win, because there were some amazing submissions this year! :) e


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