Bologna Illustrator Opportunity

PAL illustrator members of SCBWI across the world, even if you can't make it to Bologna yourself, don't miss this chance for your work to be visible at the international Bologna Book Fair, We will be showing a select number of illustrator's promotional pieces in our special Illustration Portfolio Display at the SCBWI stand at the Bologna Book fair and also online in our SCBWI Bologna Illustrators' Gallery. Deadline for email submissions: February 14, 2012. Full details on how to apply are on http://www.scbwibologna.org/display-portfolio.php If your work is selected, we'll contact you with details about snail mailing a quality print-out of the piece.

If you are coming to the fair, then how about promoting your work at our SCBWI stand? Duelling illustrator sessions, on-the-spot illustrations to a read- aloud story, and other live art demonstrations have been particular popular events at our past SCBWI stand. To apply for a Showcase slot check out http://www.scbwibologna.org/showcase.php Why not book a slot, or share a space alone or with another PAL,then send out announcements ahead of time, and invite your publishers there to come and watch? There are no children at the fair, but publishers, agents and foreign rights people may well enjoy a break from their busy schedule to be reminded that it all starts with a good idea and a pencil, pen, brush and paint or even your laptop!

And if you aren't yet published but are going to be in Bologna for the Fair, how about booking ahead for 5 minutes of feedback on your portfolio from a publishing pro at the Stand?

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