Assistant Illustrator Coordinators EAST and WEST

I'm happy to announce that I now have TWO Assistant Illustrator Coordinators! Kathleen Bradshaw covers Georgia, where most of our illustrators are concentrated, and Sarah Frances Hardy covers Alabama and Mississippi because we love our illustrators there too! It's a tough role for one person to cover three states and make sure everybody is getting the attention they deserve, so I'm thrilled to have both of these talented members to help spread the Southern-Breeze illustrator love! If you have an event that needs a shout-out or you should need to get in touch with any of us, please email:

Elizabeth O. Dulemba, Illustrator Coordinator, elizabeth at dulemba dot com, http://dulemba.com
Kathleen Bradshaw, Assistant Illustrator Coordinator East, klbradshaw at yahoo dot com, http://kathleenbradshaw.com/
Sarah Frances Hardy, Assistant Illustrator Coordinator West, hardystudios at bellsouth dot net, http://www.sfhardy.com/

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