Midsouth Illustrator Event with Laurent Linn

This is in the Tennessee region of SCBWI but is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to make the trip or lives up that way...

Laurent Linn is coming to Nashville to conduct a special Illustrator Workshop! Mr. Linn is the beloved and kind Art Director from Simon & Schuster. We hosted him at a Midsouth Conference years ago and our Illustrators STILL talk about his invaluable input.

This is a GREAT opportunity for us. We ARE opening this up to other regions as well, so sign up early to assure your slot. Registration starts this Friday, March 9th.

The full description is on the Midsouth website: http://scbwi-midsouth.org/

Midsouth Illustrator Workshop -
Step By Step: Working Creatively With An Art Director
Faculty: Laurent Linn, Art Director at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Time: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Where: Brentwood Library, Brentwood, TN

Be in the picture book illustrator's seat! This workshop mirrors the process of working with an art director on a picture book project, with typical deadlines, and individualized art direction from Mr. Linn. Plus, attendees will create a great new illustration for their portfolios!

- Full Participation = $90 for SCBWI members or $110 for non-members Limited to 12 Full Participants!
- Partial Participation = $40 for SCBWI members or $50 for non-members Limited to 15 Partial Participants!

(Partial Participation is for illustrators who will not complete the assignment but want to attend and learn from Laurent Linn. Partial Participants may only observe Mr. Linn's comments and may not ask questions during the workshop. They will sit behind the Full Participants.)

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