Summer hasn’t been the slow, lazy days we read about in books. Instead it’s been a different kind of busy. In spite of that, I hope you’ve had a chance to do some personal work, and create something fun for our Illustration Contest prompt “for Halloween, PJ ________.”  The deadline is this weekend, so wrap it up. Stop tweaking. And get to the post office. In case you need a reminder, here’s the submission guidelines:

  • Please don't put any identifying information on the artwork. It is judged anonymously.
  • Complete the phrase on the front or back of the illustration and on your cover letter. You can fill in the blank with any word(s) you choose – up to 10.
  • Write on the back of your entry the type of media used. Open to all media.
  • Please submit a low resolution (72 dpi) digital copy of your entry to Heather Montgomery, Assistant Regional Advisor: sipsey21@hotmail.com
  • Please send 2 high resolution, color copies of your illustration on 8.5"x11" photo-quality paper.
  • Please do not send your original.
  • All entries must be created proportionate to 8.5"x11" but can of portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Please include a cover letter with your name, contact information and your illustration's written prompt.
  • To receive  your scoring sheet with judge's comments and notification of the list of winners, please include a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope.
If you need to go over the complete list of contest rules and guidelines, click here.

Good Luck Everyone!

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